Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Halloween was fun this year. Both the kids seemed to get the idea and were very excited. Ethan, bless his heart, kept saying, "I happy" and "this is a happy day". He's never said that before, but he was really feeling it last night. Gwen carried her little basket around and after seeing someone dressed as Sylvester the cat, she wouldn't stop meowing. So cute!

We're glad that he enjoyed himself because he started off super crabby. He had us worried for about an hour.

Earlier in the day we took Gwen to her 18 month checkup. She passed 20lbs! Her weight is 20.5 lbs. She's also 32 1/2 inches long. Again, 10% in weight, but 75% in height. The appointment went really well and despite her getting 4 shots, she was a trooper.

Here are the pics from last night. I'm sorry we did not get a picture of Ben! He was wearing the cutest outfit. It was really hard to get pics of the kids as it was, and we never did get a full shot of Ethan.

Aunt Becki (in her offical, homemade Jedi costume), Aunt Jenni dressed as Boba Fett and little Princess Leia

Aunt Beck, Jedi. Little Gwennie, Princess Leia (with a sucker)

Mommy with her two Star Wars babies (Ethan was Annakin Skywalker)

Aunt Becki teaching Ethan how to use a lightsaber (p.s. it actually works and I accidently broke the on/off switch while we were ToT'ing)

I LOVE this picture. Ethan is out of control with the lightsaber, Aunt Becki is trying to avert disaster and Gwen is just running for her life.

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