Saturday, November 04, 2006

Jason had to work today which was bad for him and bad for us.

The weather has been crazy. I can't believe that we haven't lost power, but I think all the lines around here are underground. We've had wild winds driving rain for the last two days and they say we have two more to go. Up to 6 inches of rain maybe. Wow!

Yesterday we went and visited Grammy and Grandpa. To all those who have been praying for him and my Grammy, thank you. Grandpa is doing well. He's lost a lot of water weight, his infections are healing up and his spirits seemed good. The kids were so glad to see them, and today they asked if we could go see "Gammy and Poppa" again.

You know, life is funny. Today I was going stir-crazy with the kids, so we bundled up in rain boots and coats, stomped around in puddles, then hopped in the car. We returned some books to the library, then, to avoid having to go home we did a drive-by of our old house.

As my long time readers know, we had some really awful neighbors there. They were petty, and mean and couldn't keep their noses out of everyone's business.

Imagine my joy then when I drove by the house and saw that the new residents had extended the fence and planted trees all the way to sidewalk, cutting off the neighbors view of the front yard. What was even better... oh, and I really got a good chuckle over this... There were like 5 cars parked all over the lawn, half built wood "things" (not sure what they were) and two boats wedged in there. Literally, every square inch of front yard had a vehicle touching it.

This must be driving the neighbors crazy.


Before I log off, I want to share my new favorite quick meal recipe.

Its for Bacon and Scallion Quesadillas. There is an actual recipe, but the amounts don't really matter.

In a nutshell, you cut bacon into 1 inch pieces and fry it up in a non-stick, 12 in saute pan. When its crisp, put it on a paper towel and drain the fat into a bowl. Don't discard, you'll need it. Wipe out the pan with a paper towel.

Grate some cheese and chop some green onions while you wait for the bacon to cook. We also added some finely chopped pickled jalepeno. Yum.

Put the wiped skillet on med-high heat. Now, take a tortilla (I used 6 in ones, but the recipe calls for 8 in) and place it in the pan to heat, 30 sec to 1 min. Flip it over and toast the second side. You aren't looking to cook it per se, just to heat it and make it flexible. Place the warmed tortilla on a clean counter or cutting board and start heating the second tortilla in the same manner as the first. While its heating, start filling the first tortilla.

You don't want to over fill here. A bit of cheese, scallion, bacon (and jalepeno if you like) on half of the tortilla. Fold it and press slightly to hold it together. Brush the top of the tortilla with the bacon fat.

Repeat with the now warm second tortilla. Once its filled and brushed with fat, place both tortillas, bacon fat side down, in the pan. Heat for 1 or 2 minutes, or until brown and crisp. Brush the top side with bacon fat, then flip. Once that side is done, move to a cutting board and let sit for a few minutes. Then cut into wedges or dig in as is. We like ours with sour cream.

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