Sunday, November 19, 2006


Ta-da! Here's the new stuff!

Our new dining chairs. Plain, simple, stainproof. Its all we can really expect at this time of our lives :)

The new sofa

New chair. Please excuse the mess. Things have been a little loose the last couple days.

Love seat

I forgot to blog about it yesterday, but we took Marsh Road out through Snohomish and up to Everett. The devastation from flooding was shocking. Really, the worst I've seen since that one time years ago when homes were floating down and hitting the trestle.

All the new nurseries that had gone in, the corn maze, the fruit and veg stands, the espresso stand, everything trashed. The one place that sold flowers had been pushed down to the very far end of the field and was half sunk. The water was, I'd say, at least knee deep in most of the fields and there were hundreds of geese! People were stopping and taking picture because there were so many. Water was still over the road in places. It was quite sad. We drove that road nearly every day when we lived in our old house. That espresso stand had just been bought and struggling to stay in business. So all this destruction and the worst of the flooding had been done for about a week now :( I can't imagine what it looked like at its worst.

Oh, going back to today's activities, I cleaned all the carpet upstairs and it looks so good. Once again I can enjoy putting my piggy toes into it and not thinking about all the ick. I worked pretty much from when the kids left (10am) to about 5pm. Moving, cleaning, building. I was so ravenous I broke my pizza plateau and ate an appalling 5 pieces (in all fairness, 3 were kinda small). Ah well, with all the activity, I'm sure I've just broke even, right?

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