Thursday, November 30, 2006

Haven't blogged lately as I'm still fighting off this dreadful cold. It eases during the day, but wipes me out in the evenings. Adding to that is Ethan's dreadful behavior of late. Jason are rather baffled what to do with him. He's mean, purposely destructive, challenging our every word and demanding. These last 2-3 weeks have been so tough, perhaps even more tough than when we brought Gwen home and dealt with all that.

Here are some pics we took on Monday when we braved the incredibly icy roads to go to my parents house. We were suffering extreme cabin fever and had to do something. A little adventure is the perfect remedy.

On the Newburg (road my parents live off of). It might look safe, but it was a solid and thick sheet of ice.

We slid a long way before being able to turn into their driveway (where the mailboxes are)

Going down the long driveway. The snow was very deep through here, and it was very "magical" with everything still so white and fresh.

Ethan and Mommy, ready to sled.

Down we go... there was so much snow blowing at us that I was perpetually squinting!

Yes, that's Tilli. Yes, she did ride on the sled with me for a good distance. Yes, she did enjoy it! After she jumped off, I grabbed her collar and she pulled me further!

Gwen's turn. She did not enjoy it as much as Ethan or the dog :)

Warming up and waiting for our clothes to dry in the house. Note the hot chocolate beard Ethan wears with style.

Just a few minutes after we'd left... tired babies.

A serious accident closed off our regular way home, so we had to take a back route

Thought this was kinda pretty with the sun, snow and clouds...

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Murphy's Law said...

BEAUTIFUL pictures Kristi! The kids are adorable and you look great as well. The snow is so pretty - it ALMOST makes me want some here, but not quite! It was 61 degrees here today (almost unheard of for New England the day before December begins.