Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A quick review of last nights Cod dinner.

The kids and I liked it, Jason did not. Then again, the only fish that man likes is fried!

Tonight I made the White Chicken Chili which was really good. It didn't seem spicy enough, and after reviewing the recipe, I see that I added only two poblano and Anaheim chiles instead of 3 each. Oops :) In any case, the flavors were spot on and it was enjoyed by everyone (even Gwen who insisted on picking out all the beans first!).

Jason is out tonight at a local casino to try a Texas Hold 'Em tournament. He was so nervous, since he's never played poker in person before. I think he'll do really good and I'm going to try and stay awake to hear how he does.

Today I was miserable for the first half since Jason took my car and we couldn't go anywhere, again. So I loaded the kids into the stroller, padded them thickly with blankets and walked. Walked a pretty long ways, when you consider I'm pushing 70lbs of kids and stroller! I would guess it was about 2 miles. It sleeted for the first 15 min and I was freezing, but after that I warmed up and didn't have any trouble, even though I was pushing that stroller through 2-3 inches of wet slush at times.

Tomorrow we'll be bringing dinner to Poppa and Grammy and saying a quick hello. We do miss seeing them on a regular basis. We may also hit the library in the morning. They have a good little area for the kids to play.

Well, off to watch a movie.

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