Sunday, January 21, 2007

This week's menu hit was easy to choose.

The Thai-Style Chicken Soup. Fantastic! There isn't much in the soup... some mushrooms, chicken, cilantro and scallions but you feel like is so much more because the broth is amazingly flavorful. The lemon grass and shallots imbue the liquid with an almost indescribable depth, and the finish with the chile paste adds heat. Coconut milk is the star though. It turns a watery but flavorful broth into a rich, glistening, filling liquid that one could drink straight from a cup with no accompaniments and still be satisfied. We had our soup with rice on the side and we just loved it. I could see this being in fairly heavy rotation from now on.

Yesterday we went to Mom's for the afternoon and had dinner there. We were incredibly blessed to be joined by Grandpa and Grammy. I don't think I've seen them outside of their own home since before Christmas. Oh how we have missed them at our gatherings! Despite not feeling his best, Grandpa was able to interact and laugh and tease. Grammy's presence was, as always, uplifting and comforting. What a lucky family we are to have them in our lives. I know that everyone felt so thrilled to have them there with us.

Last night we watched the movie, "Click". I wouldn't recommend it. They bollixed a good story line and made it so predictable.

Today Jason had to go to work. The kids did me a huge favor and didn't start fussing to get up till 8:30, although they'd been awake since about 7:30. Friday night I only got about 4 hours sleep so I really needed to catch up. Jason returned at about 11:30 and we went on a walk. While we were out walking he got a phone call saying that our car was FINALLY fixed. Since, what, October or November we've been using my Dad's commuter car while we worked out the best way to handle our broken car. We are so happy to have it done and I'm sure my Dad will be glad to get his commuter car back too! Jason is out getting it now.

Tonight we're having rib roast, but to be honest I'm not really looking forward to it since we had rib roast at my Mom's last night! It can't wait any longer though, it has to be cooked. So, as strange as it sounds, we'll force ourselves to eat this very fine and expensive cut of meat :)

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