Sunday, January 07, 2007

Saturday we were able to see Grandpa and Grammy. What a blessing to be healthy and to hug and spend time with them. The kids were thrilled to see their Poppa and Grammy. Grandpa is holding steady with his cancer battle. The tumors are shrinking, which is fabulous. Chemo has been very very rough on him though :( Hopefully a corner will be turned shortly and he'll regain his strength.

We watched the Seahawks come a hairsbreadth away from a quick playoff exit. How lucky were they? Oh my goodness.

Oh, there was a very near tragedy when Gwen knocked over an entire 16 oz vanilla latte onto my laptop. It was drenched. We let it dry out and last night we were able to resuscitate it. A number of the keys were sticky at first, but we've been able to work it off. Whew.

I'm still making bread every day. We are so pleased with it. I haven't used yeast in about 4 batches, but have been reserving a golf-ball sized piece of dough and adding it to the next batch. This is enough to raise the whole next loaf and has created a slight tang. In fact, the rising is even better than when I was using straight yeast. My current favorite shape is in a loaf, but tomorrow I think I'll try a round again.

Jason and Dad went to a Silvertips hockey game tonight at the new Everett arena. They said it was pretty nice. Their seats were only 3 rows from the ice. Hopefully when the kids are just a bit older we'll be able to go to a few games. The Silvertips are really good and you can't beat a 10 minute drive to see a sporting event!

Due to the high winds on Friday, we lost a tree behind the house. Not one of the big cedars, but one a bit farther back. Its not all the way fallen, but is kinda tipped and leaning our neighbors trees. When it does fall it won't land on any houses or anything, so we're not too worried. I swear that some of the gusts we had were higher than the storm about a month ago. I was terrified. Toby was trembling and cuddled in my arms (imagine cuddling a trembling, 100lb, furry, immovable stone), Tilli at my feet. I told Jason, "This could only get more fun if the kids wake up". Well, not 10 min later, Ethan is up and won't sleep because the power was out and his music and light were off. So we wedged him in and slept as much as we could, which was not a lot. Lights came back on a few hours later and everyone but Gwen was tired the whole day!

Then this morning, we are scared out of bed by a tremendous crash. I thought that a tree had fallen on the house it was so loud. Jason leapt out of bed, the kids started crying and you know what I did? I stayed under the covers, paralyzed with fear. This made me feel really bad. It was like that Seinfeld episode when there is a fire and George runs out the door , knocking over the elderly and pushing the children in his way. I was such a wuss! Turns out it was a rack in the shower that collapsed, but holy smoke, it was loud.

Anyway, I've rambled long enough about nothing. Oh, here's a pic I took tonight in bath. The kids love having their picture taken with the timer (the beeping keeps them entertained I guess). Excuse my snarled hair.

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