Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Whew, what a day. After doing some shopping at Target and the grocery store, I went to therapy and had a draining session. I'm in the midst of a depressive stage right now that has completely drained my motivation and energy. I've been SO tired. I'm sleeping at least 10 hours a night and yet have to fight to stay awake during the day.

Right after leaving therapy, I got a message from Jason saying that his Mom was in the hospital :( She is doing ok, but any and all prayers for her would be appreciated. Wish we were closer! The kids said a sweet little prayer for her tonight.

We had french dip for dinner and it was ok. Nothing exciting. Ethan seemed confused about dipping a sandwich into broth and all Gwen wanted to do was to dip it and then suck out the broth from the bread. Such are mealtimes with toddlers I suppose.

Oh, the cute thing that Ethan is doing... Yesterday all he wanted to do was play with pots and pans. At one point he pulled out about 10, spread them out on the kitchen floor then added different ingredients (imaginary) into them. He had Gwen run and get him salt or pepper or whatever he needed. Then he would pretend to put them in the oven, or put them on the stove and cook in them. It was so cute! They both love the salad spinner, so one would be working on that, then bringing it to their pans to cook. They'd even pretend that the pans were hot, or sometimes they burned the food, or saw steam. Regular little chefs, I tell ya!

Ethan did this at bedtime too. He actually slept (and tonight is still sleeping) with two loaf pans. He pretends to put in various ingredients, cooks it in another part of his crib, then serves us whatever he made. Its really cute, though somewhat annoying too because anytime he turns in the crib the pans rattle together and can be heard all through the house!

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Kate Thaete said...

geez, as if there could be any doubt, i'd say those are definitely your babies!! and sleeping with loaf pans! how cute is that!!