Sunday, January 14, 2007

So. Where to start...

Jason ended up taking Friday off. The kids and I were going to go to MOPS, but it was canceled due to weather which was a major bummer for both the kids and I. Ethan was really looking forward to it. Instead, we went to the bookstore, then Everett Mall and let the kids ride on lots of toys. They enjoyed it, though our departure was rather rough as Gwennie yelled and screamed the entire way out (she didn't want to leave).

The ice was bad in spots, but not too dreadful. Saturday, we were dying of cabin fever and just had to see other people. Preferably people who would want to entertain the children! So off to Nana and Grandpa's house we went. We expected an "adventure" to quote my Mother, but it was pretty easy to get in. Patches of ice here and there, nothing too challenging even for my driving (but boy, those new tires really have been a big help).

We spent the entire day there and had a yummy turkey dinner to boot. We left at 7:30 and Nana was feeling very certain that we might be back to stay the night because of earlier snowfall and a report from Aaron that the roads were bad. Actually, we made it home in our normal time and the roads were no worse than on our way in! A sanding truck or plow must have been through cuz it wasn't bad at all.

Today, we've just been hanging around the house... I did briefly get possessed the spirit of a housefrau and cleaned everything, which was good. Seahawks lost, which was not so good.

I think Jason will be happy to go to work tomorrow, and I don't blame him a bit. Its been hard being cooped up so long with very little to do and it being too cold to go out. Hopefully this upcoming week will provide more play opportunities.

Oh, I wanted to share a good recipe I made for dinner the other night. Balsamic Soy-Glazed Chicken Wings. Deeeelish. The kids loved them and it was really easy and fast. We had the wings with celery sticks and homemade ranch dressing (also very delicious).


More coffee was spilled on my laptop today, this time thanks to Ethan who moved my cup, placed it on the laptop, then tipped it over. You can probably imagine that this resulted in a very unhappy Mommy. The prognosis isn't good right now, though last week it seemed very bleak as well and it came through. I'll nurse that baby and see if we can't save it again. Otherwise, we'll have to ship it off to be repaired and, horror of horrors, Jason and I will have to share a computer for a long period. Neither one of us would like that too much.

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Murphy's Law said...

Well, you already know about my cell phone crisis, so I feel for you about the laptop! However, I can't even blame my child for my mistake! My phone falling into a sink full of water (and then soaking there for almost 10 minutes) was entirely my fault. At least you can lay blame with your child, LOL! I think it's easier to accept that way.

Hope you are all doing well. I miss you! I'm glad I can catch up with you here though!