Thursday, January 25, 2007

This morning we met a lady from the message board I visit. We went to a gym in Shoreline that was filled with kids toys. For $2 a kid you get to play for two hours and it was tons of fun. Everyone had a blast!

Had a hard time getting my kids to look at me, but other kids were happy to pose for the camera!

Gwen pushing Gibson. He was so upset!

Gwen's method of getting down stairs


I knew that April and I would be kindred spirits when this happened. Gibson fell off and we both started laughing and taking pictures of him throwing a fit about it :)

April and Gibson playing hoops.

Can you make Ethan out in that crowd? He was in the brown shirt, right in frontof the fridge. As you might imagine, he was facinated by the kitchenette sets.

Gwen in a car, pretending to drive

Ethan making me some dinner. He was here for a good portion of the playtime.

Ethan "fimming" (swimming) down the slide.

Impatiently waiting for sister

Ethan on the other end of the teeter totter.

April and Gibson again. Great pic!

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