Thursday, January 11, 2007

Things I should know by now

1. Don't download files from disreputable sites and install those files. Infection will occur and one will have to scurry all day to remove and fix it in order to minimize damage. Why I thought this was a smart idea, I'm not sure. I blame the children.

2. If the children are silent for 2 minutes, seek them out as 100% of the time they will be doing something naughty. I blame the children for my forgetfulness of this rule.

3. Packing peanuts do not make good toys. Also, reference previous "I should". I think it goes without saying that the children are again to blame. Who else would think of playing with them?

Oh, and public service announcement. Packing peanuts are $^!!# hard to pick up because they are full of static and stick to everything.

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