Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Today didn't really go as I'd planned.

Firstly, the kids woke me up at 6am which isn't really like all that awful, but they've been teasing me with sleeping in till at least 7-7:30 and I was soooo tired.

We got up and had breakfast (at which Ethan ate a whopping 3 pancakes and 2 strips of bacon) and then got dressed. Ethan said something rather hilarious while I was washing up. "Momma, there no mess?". Meaning, "Hey Mom, I noticed that the bathroom counter is now clean and free of clutter". He was so astounded by the fact that it was clean he repeated himself 3 times. Gotta love kids and what they notice.

We headed out to the park later and fed some ducks, tromped through incredibly soggy fields and left soon after Gwen took a tumble right into a puddle. Yeah, as you can imagine, she didn't like that too much.

After arriving home, Jenni called to ask if I could come pick her up because my Mom had to go to the ER with Grammy and Grandpa. It sounds like everything is ok (or at least not serious), but Mom didn't want Jenni to be alone all day. So after lunch we headed out to pick her up. Kids were zonked when we got home, so we put them to bed. Jen played the Wii and did her lessons while I made my bread (I urge you, if you haven't tried the bread recipe I posted earlier, please do. Faaaaa-bu) and wasted time on the computer.

I'd planned on being productive, but it ended up in a pleasant afternoon spent surfing the web and making bread and later some yummy Leek, Potato and Herb soup for dinner.

Ummmm... seems like there is something I wanted to post but I can't recall so I guess that its for tonight.

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