Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I need to get some pictures up. Blogs are boring without pictures.

Ethan and I are still sick. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired! Next Monday we have our well child visit at the pediatrician and I'm going to ask her about Ethan's persistent battles with sickness and maybe get him scheduled for allergy testing. Its time that we did something about it... we waited a long time on the allergy stuff but now it seems to be affecting him more.

Tomorrow I'm 35 weeks. 5 weeks until the due date folks. 2 weeks until I'm "full term". Yikes. The closer the day draws, the less prepared I feel. We have a routine here, a way of doing things. The kids are old enough that we have been able to do "big kid" things with them, and now we're starting over. Not totally, but in a way. It seems very overwhelming and I think, "Why did we feel the need for more? We are fine with what we have". Little too late for that now I guess :)

Because of my uber-scattered mind and inability to remember or do anything in a timely manner, I've been having Jason tell me 3 things to accomplish each day. I know that sounds weird, but having him tell me what to do seems to motivate me, and I like that it makes him happy too. Its not been anything tough, but I do find it interesting that the stuff he'd like me to do is different than I would have picked. It reflects our different priorities when it comes to the house, and also the fact that I'm here all day and he isn't. For me, the infrastructure stuff, like getting the dishes and laundry done, are top priorities. For him, he likes to see things... so for instance, the house being swept is much more satisfying than knowing I did two loads of dishes.

Speaking of, I must drag myself off the computer and motivate myself to do breakfast dishes and clothe my children, both of whom are currently riding their bikes around the house naked.

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