Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Two quick things that I think warrant a mention before I collapse into bed and try to sleep off, once again, this nasty nasty cold.

One, we have broken the kids of their daytime binky habit! Well mostly. They only get them for naps and bedtime now instead of anytime during the day when they were cranky, or just asked for it. We have a "binky bowl" that they throw their binkies into (they find it hilarious to throw it and try to have me catch it with the bowl) and then at bed or naptime they can retrieve their binky. I started it on a whim right after we got home from Mom's and it stuck with relatively little fuss. Here and there we have some complaints or squabbles about it, but overall its gone very good.

Two, well, Ethan has been using the toilet for #2. Gross, I know, but such a relief for us. We were not thrilled with either the diaper or corner of the room or outside as had been being done. Yay!

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