Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sorry its been so quiet, but things have been really hectic since my last blog. Jason is still out of town and will return on Friday.

Basically between Thursday night and last night, I barely slept 2-4 hours a night, which is very very very bad for me. The first nights were because I was home alone, but we've spent the last two nights at my Mom's and I sleep better there. Unfortunately, Ethan got sick yesterday and so I was up and down with him all last night but generally last night was my best sleep since last Thursday.

Saturday we had Brynne's bridal shower and it was so fun! She got lots of cool stuff too :)

Monday we packed up and came to my Mom's and were lucky enough to find my Aunt Daralyn, Holly, Tim and Lindy still there. My Aunt Deanne was also there visiting. I was witness to a very painful thing... the distribution of my Grandpa's things amongst his daughters (my Mom and Aunts). My Grammy had set aside things she thought would be good for memories and we went through the box. Some of the items were notes, cards, letters and pictures that we (his grandkids) or his daughters had sent to him. Those were really great and returned to their original senders. The harder items were his jewelry, particularly his "attitude" pin that he always wore on his suits and his rings. There was no shortage of tears as these were split up. The only way we could figure out to do it fairly was by drawing names. While this was fair, and right, and the best way it was not easy. It sounds like everyone will be putting these precious items into shadow box displays so we will be able to view them when we visit. Seeing these items on a regular basis will help I think.

Today I have my 34 week appointment. Thank you Grammy for letting me drop the kids at your house so I don't have to take them with me. What a relief :) I've been having tons of Braxton-Hicks, some quite painful. I can only hope that my body is slowly dilating ahead of time so my labor is short! After this appointment, I'll have my 36 week visit, then move to weekly appointments. The time is really drawing near. Its both a relief and a little mind-boggling to imagine that its quite likely I could have a baby here in the house within the next 3-6 weeks.

Oh, I also sold those danged grill grates that I spammed many of you about. Finally. What a hassle that mistake turned out to be.

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