Monday, April 28, 2008

Today I finished working on a cute dress for Gwen. I bought the pattern a few days ago on a whim from for the Belle Elysse Tiered Dress. These are patterns that are made by individuals (not businesses) and you can buy them online and download them immediately after purchase. They have lots of fun stuff!

This dress was easy, it used up the scraps of my patchwork fabric and was a good test. Now that I have the sizing down pretty much and the technique, this is very much a 2-3 hour project that could turn out cute dresses. The best part is that the sizing is from 6 months to 8! That's a huge range... Now only if it came in my size.

I did make some boo-boos. Like on the last pink tier I somehow managed to put my side seams near the middle. Pregnancy brain! It doesn't help that patchwork has about a million seams and its hard to distinguish a side seam from a patch seam. The trim is supposed to be a ruffle, but I got lazy and made it flat.

In other news, I took the kids for the yearly pediatric appointment. All is good. Their stats are:

Height - 43.5 inches (97%)
Weight - 40.6 lbs (97%)

Height - 36.5 inches (40%)
Weight - 28.8 lbs (25%)

We did get a referral for pediatric allergy testing, and we'll be doing that at some point. She did not find any sign of infection in Ethan and thinks that he might just be getting sick a lot because he's in pre-school now and being exposed to lots and lots of germs. When I thought hard about this, it did occur to me that many other kids in his class have been sick this year too. She did say that next time he gets highly congested, feverish, etc. to bring him in and they will see if they can treat him. One thought was that perhaps there is a low lying infection that is being flared by the allergies or when he's weakened in some way. I really like our pediatrician because she is always hesitant to prescribe antibiotics or things like that. She never gives us hassle about delaying vaccinations and is prudent in her approach to care. Well worth the drive to Kirkland in bad traffic!

Jason and I joined this challenge that his company is doing. Basically you wear a pedometer and if you can get 1 million steps by October I think it is, you can win all sorts of different prizes. Its interesting to see how many steps you take in a day. Today was my first full day (though perhaps not totally accurate since we spent much time in the car) and as of 7:17 pm (I put it on at about 5:45am this morning) I've walked 3033 steps equaling roughly 1.29 miles. That doesn't seem like much considering how sore my body is today! We each have an account online that we upload our step data to and it tracks all the info and any weight loss, etc. I figure I'll probably do pretty good on the weight loss in about a month or so after I have the baby. Last two times I came out a good 10-15 lbs lighter in just one day. Boo-yah!

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That dress is so cute!