Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We have two sick kids.

Well, I don't know how sick they actually are. Neither is feverish. Gwen threw up a massive amount at about 9:45pm last night, then has been dry-heaving every 1-2 hours all night. Ethan threw up once at 2am (very small amount) and again at around 5am, which Jason handled, but Ethan tells me was a "little bit". Gwen is acting sick, but Ethan is chipper, talkative and his normal self.

Me thinks I might have food poisoned them actually. The vomit was brown and I couldn't figure out what they had that was brown until sometime in the middle of the night when it occurred to me that yesterday morning they pulled an old chocolate muffin from the freezer and had me heat it up for their breakfast. It was the only dark colored thing they had all day. I saw them still nibbling on the leftovers around lunch time too. The rest of those old muffins are going in the garbage.

Now I have to try to find something to give them that won't cause problems. Gwen has been begging for food and water for many hours (I HATE that... its so hard to listen to) and Ethan is hungry too. Maybe plain oatmeal? Off to raid the cupboards.

Oh, and yesterday we found out the kids have been exposed to chicken pox. Ethan to be exact. One of his good friends at school had the vaccination, but still caught it and it didn't show up until last Thursday. So Ethan was exposed last Tuesday and the classroom wasn't disinfected until Friday when they found out from the Mom. Part of me hopes they catch it and we're done with that. But the other part of me is SO not into dealing with this when I'm in my last month of pregnancy. If they have it, I want them to just get it and get it over with so I don't have to worry about the new baby catching anything.

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