Sunday, April 06, 2008

Its only 11am, but man, have we been working hard!

The kids got us up at 6:30 and we had a huge breakfast of homemade waffles, bacon, grapes and lattes. Ethan didn't eat much, but he ate some, and best of all, he didn't throw it back up!

After eating and cleaning up, we all got dressed and headed out to the hardware store where we got a bunch of soil, some planter boxes for my square foot garden (peas and tomatoes this year, my starts arrive end of the month) and a pair of kid sized shovels, which greatly thrilled the children.

We cleaned up the back yard of all the toys and stuff that had accumulated and then used the dirt to create a smooth transition from the edge of the patio to the grass. We also filled in various holes and the muddy spots from where the concrete peeps made ruts in the grass. I then put down grass seed all over those areas. I need to go back out and put a bit more soil on top to keep the seeds in place, but my body wore out before I could do it.

The yard and gardens need WORK. Lots of work. In my defense, there really hasn't been much opportunity to do much... the weather has been SO rainy and damp this year and that doesn't encourage the gardening bug. Its mainly weeding and reorganization of some materials (like the edging bricks that were removed for the patio. I know there is no rush. It could even wait till after the baby is born, but once I get the itch to do something its hard for me to ignore. If the weather is nice at all this week, I may just go out there and do it. My body will hate me for it though!

Gwennie is going to be the flower girl in Michelle's June wedding and to match the bride, she needed to have red shoes. After doing a lot of looking, I found these very cute shoes

I hesitated showing them to Gwen because she's a little shoe horse, but I did want to try them on and see how they fit. They are large for her (I got them about 1 size too big on purpose), but she adores them. Just LOVES them. She was all, "Ohhhh.... Mommy... they are so pretty. I love them. Thank you! Thank you!".

She didn't like the idea of me taking them off. In fact she clutched them to her body when I tried.

So I told her after their movie was over they'd have to come off. Then I will hide them!

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