Friday, April 04, 2008

Last night we went to P.F. Changs and had a good dinner. It didn't seem like we ate much, but we both felt so stuffed! After coming home we watched half of Casino Royale and then fell asleep.

I didn't really roll out of bed till 8, which is major sleeping in for me. Around 11:30 I left the house and ran some errands in the pouring rain. After getting home I sewed a skirt for a friend of mine (she made me a beautiful baby sling in exchange for the skirt) and I can't believe how fast I whipped that thing out. Generally any project takes me two days at minimum. Perhaps having the kids out of the house and feeling like I could really concentrate explains how I did the skirt in like 2 1/2 hours :)

Tonight we're joining April and her husband Gregg for dinner, which will be really fun! Maybe we'll be able to finish up our movie tonight too.

Tomorrow is our Bradley class, then we'll get our windshield filled (I didn't mention it yesterday, but a stupid rock hit my windshield and left a big chip. Breaking windshields seems to be a thing for me) and then go pick up the kids from my Mom's. Tomorrow is also Jason's birthday and the kids picked him out a present and I'll be making a lemon tart and nice dinner for him.

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Becki said...

Mmmmmm.....P.F. Changs...did you get the chicken lettuce wraps? Those are my favorite!