Saturday, April 05, 2008

We had a great time last night with April and Gregg. She has some pictures up of what we ate and a group pic. We had just enough energy to finish watching our movie after we got home, and then zonked out for the night.

We headed out early for our Bradley class and ate at Patty's Eggnest in Monroe. We've been to the Mill Creek one before and thought it was decent. The Monroe one was too, and we were able to get in and out in 30 min, which was really great (we were running short on time because Toby ran away right before we left).

Right after we arrived for our class, my Mom called and left a message saying that Ethan had been sick all night and wasn't doing so well. Our teacher graciously hurried through the class and let us out 45 min early. We immediately went to Mom's and found Gwennie pretty perky and Ethan dead asleep on the couch. He'd been throwing up constantly since last night :( Poor baby. We packed everyone up and came home. Ethan was begging for food and water, so we gave him a few crackers and a wee bit of milk. We thought all was well because he didn't show any signs of sickness for a long time. Then we put him down for nap and he did eventually throw it up. He's such a trooper. Not even freaking out, just matter of fact. He said, "Mom, the crackers and milk wasn't a good idea". After that he took a huge drink of water before I could get his cup away and then zonked out. There's been no word since.

Mom, Dad, Jenni and Shelly, thank you so much for watching the kids and dealing with the grossness. You guys are awesome.

Since this is Jason's birthday, I made a lemon tart for him while the kids napped, and will be making a dinner he's fond of tonight. The kids picked out a gift for him earlier this week so he'll have a present to open as well.

I also finished my other sewing project. A nursing friendly nightgown. Now this item is relatively pointless. I usually just wear one of J's tees to bed. But I wanted to make something and so I did! It was based off Simplicity 3573, but I modified it. I made the sleeveless version without the lace or ruffle. My button-hole foot seems to be broken, so instead I put snap tape in and sewed buttons on top so it still had the look of the original piece. Looking back, I wish I'd used Velcro or something else that opens more quickly (perhaps instead of snap tape, just 2 or 3 snaps). In any case, it came out well. It fits now, even over the tummy, so it'll be big for me afterwards. But that's not a terrible thing, as I like my nightclothes to be loose and comfy. And since I used the uber-cheap fabric from the local craft store, it was good practice if nothing else!

There is just one more pending project to finish then I'll be done... oh wait, make that two. But I have a better idea of how to put them together and they should go fast. I also am modifying them, which I find somewhat exciting. Its fun to really stretch my mind and ability and try to make things look like I want. Its also very frustrating when it doesn't turn out. Wish I had my sewing room back!

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