Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Well we just arrived back "home" at my Mom's. What a busy day.

When I blogged earlier, I was at our house where I picked up the infant car seat and installed it in our car. Yesterday I cleaned out our car (ick) and re-installed the seats in what we think will be the final configuration until baby grows out of the infant seat. Ethan is in the middle (his seat will require a tether when he's 50 lbs which will be soon and two seating positions in the car have one). The other middle seat is folded down. Gwen is in the back, hooked up to the second tether just because its good idea. The baby sits behind Ethan. I figured that the baby was the easiest to get in and out (as they can be buckled in before being placed on the base) so having easy access to the older kids was preferable. Gwen loves sitting in the back with the baby seat. She insists on buckling in her dolly and tending to it while we drive.

I also picked up the grill grates to send off at the post office. That was an... um, adventure and disappointment. Loooong story short (including tears on my part, luckily shed after I returned to the car), I somehow misunderstood the USPS site and shipping was TWICE what I'd had listed in the auction and basically my entire return on investment was eaten up by shipping the stupid thing. AND I had to ship it a much slower method, which I've yet to mention to my buyer. If I had shipped it the way I'd said I would, it would have cost more, just for shipping, then I received in total for the item + my estimated shipping. I'm such an idiot. I'm never doing this again. NEVER! Or at least not when I'm pregnant and apparently brain-dead.

The midwife appointment went well. Blood pressure a smidge high, but not concerning. Urine was good. Baby is "very low" and measuring right on schedule. She predicts that this baby will be Ethan-sized, meaning, around the 7lb mark.

Off to go get dinner prep started. For some reason Cincinatti Chili sounds good. Perhaps because Jason is there and he had some last night :)

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