Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jason left for Cincinnati today. This is one of his longer trips, 8 days I think. Due to my cousin's bridal shower this weekend, we aren't immediately going over to my Mom's. We're doing a combination of things... staying by ourselves (eek), Jenni here for two nights, then eventually over to Mom's for the last 4 days or so. I hate being home alone at night. Hate. I'm hoping that a Tylenol PM, my heaviest rolling pin and a long line up of reality shows will help me sleep tonight.

Do you realize that I'm now 1-3 weeks away from being at a point that if I went into labor they probably wouldn't try to stop it? I'm not sure exactly what Providence's policy is, but I've read anywhere from 34-36 weeks they won't attempt to stop labor if one starts. Obviously I don't want to go into labor this early because of side effects to baby Scarlett (though emotionally I'd be totally down with being done early!), but its just another one of those milestones you reach and say, "Uh, wow, this is almost over".

So all my strips are finished for my patchwork skirt and now I need to sew them together. I was going to serge all the seams too, but we'll see. That's always something I can come back and do later if I want. I'd just love to have the skirt done by this weekend, but again, we'll see. With Jason gone and us being busy every single day, I don't know if I can pull it off.

Yesterday we went grocery shopping and I bribed the kids into the store childcare by promising them I'd buy them a movie. They're really getting into movies. They adore Toy Story, so I bought Toy Story 2 and also Cinderella. Classic Disney movies are almost impossible to find in stores so I grab them when I can.

We had to watch Toy Story 2 right away. Ethan loved it! After nap and right before dinner, we watched Cinderella, which they both really liked as well. I was tucking Gwen into bed and said that I hoped she dreamed about mice and birds making her a pretty dress. She responds by taking out her pacifier, crossing her arms, rolling her eyes and saying, "Yeah, but my sisters will rip it apart and ruin it!". I said, "No no, those were eee-vil stepsisters, not sisters". She replies, "No! I hate sisters, they ruin pretty dresses". I'm like, uh.... great. She thinks sisters are horrible now.


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Kristi said...

Don't freak Mom, I'm just trying to use the names more in everyday life to get a better feel for them ;)

DARALYN said...

SCARLETT? How cute and meaningful to you. Holly will love it, too! Ah, I see that you're just 'trying it on' but it caught my eye in your blog!