Thursday, January 05, 2006

A great deal got done today. Last night I took my Zoloft in the evening instead of morning and I don't know if that accounted for my spurt of energy or not. In any case, it was good that I got the energy!

During the kids first nap, I sorted laundry, washed up the kitchen, swept all the floors, mopped all the floors, cleaned off the table and washed it, washed the highchair and Gwennies jumper. It took 3 hours of pretty constant moving to get it all done. After the kids got up, I vacuumed. Of course, things are already cluttered again, but at least its clean underneath :)

I made homemade pizza for dinner. It was really good. One was homemade sauce, pepperoni, mozzarella, parm and olives and the other was the same but with green peppers and ground black pepper over the top. Tasty good (to quote Uma from Ethan's favorite show). Ethan totally digs pizza.

Gwen has her first tooth. I kept forgetting to mention it, but it finally broke through last Friday. She's bit me a few times while nursing, but I think we have it under control now. It doesn't take them long to learn not to bite when I yelp, jump and pull her off!

Poor Jason got caught in a horrible traffic pileup and it took him almost 2 hours to get home :( I remember those types of days and they just take it out of you. Sometimes I miss working, but I never ever miss the commute!

The book I'm working on right now is the Neverending Story. I remember watching this film as a child... It scared me. The book has been hard to get into as I'm not usually into fantasy AT ALL. However, I'm sticking with it and its starting to pull me in a bit more. Jason has been driven crazy by my book obsession lately as I'm reading about 4 books at once and I leave them scattered about, pages marked or sitting upside down on something. The only way I can read is to take the books everywhere... OR... have the books laying around so I can read them at various stops :)

Here's a picture of poor Ethan's burn that he's had since Monday. It doesn't seem to be hurting him at all and looks like its healing, but its so big and ugly that I cringe every time I look at it :(

We didn't go walking today. Its been pouring like crazy all day and the kids would have gotten too wet. Figure that my housework must have counted for something, right? Gonna try to walk every day when I'm at my Mom's, which should be a real challenge as her driveway is just KILLER. So many hills!

I've rambled enough... Nighty night!

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