Thursday, January 26, 2006

What do you get when you have a distracted Mommy trying to cook dinner and dessert at the same time, a box of powdered sugar on teh counter and a 2 year old wandering the kitchen? See below:

Today we took Gwen for her 9 month checkup. Here are her stats:

Weight - 15lbs, 2 oz (5%)
Height - 27 7/8 in (50%)
Head - 44cm (50%)

As you can see she moved up in the weight! We're back on the charts :)

So I've found a new shopping obsession. These shoes:

And these for Ethan

They're crib shoes, made from soft leather. They're good because they don't restrict the foot, yet provide protection. And they come in like the cutest designs, EVER! I bought them online here.

Last night Dad came by and installed the dishwasher and took a look at our water heater. Although it appeared that we couldn't get the new element to work, we now have more hot water... So we're going with it.

The dishwasher worked great through two cycles, but this evening it flooded... looks like water was coming out the door. Perhaps I loaded it wrong though, so we'll try again.

Ethan was in heaven when Dad was working on the dishwasher. He wanted to see and touch everything. He even sat down in front of the wires and said, "hmmm" and looked very thoughtful. I tell ya, that kid is going to be be a serious repairman at like 5.

Here are some pics of him hovering around Dad.


Whats in there?

Giving Grandpa tips...

Tool boy...

Awww Mom, why'd you put me over here? I wanna help!

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