Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Seriously dragging right now. Head feels full of rocks. I'm drinking coffee now and will chase that with some meds. Hope it goes away.

I've stopped caring about the mess. I'm keeping the main areas fairly clean, doing loads of dishes, keeping up with laundry (though its creating quite a mountain on my bed), but I just don't care about sweeping or mopping or washing counters right now. Perhaps this is my "place", my everyday living level... Perhaps trying to keep things more clean and neat is just not possible right now. Mom is coming over tomorrow to babysit while I run errands and I'm absolutely embarrassed about how my house will look. I just hope that she doesn't feel like she needs to clean it... I often think that perhaps she feels that I don't bother cleaning because she comes over once a week and does it. That's totally not true (really Mom, its not!). I don't expect her to clean and I hope she doesn't feel like she has to.

Last night I made really good buffalo wings. They were sweet with a hint of heat behind. Ethan really liked them. We had them with the leftover homemade blue cheese dressing and celery sticks. Mmm. Good eats.

Went walking yesterday, although I really did not want to. Had to force my legs every step of the way. My motivation to lose weight is fading... Luckily, I'm not a fast gainer. Usually, without exercise I don't gain, I just stay where I am. So, if I fall off the wagon for a bit it probably won't do me too much harm.

This morning, I almost lost my cool. Gwen slept through the night, so I was VERY ready to nurse this morning. Since I had more than enough, I decided to pump as well. I got 4 oz which is like, AMAZING, for me. Usually it would take me all day to get that much. I put it up high and forgot about it. Well, along comes Ethan with the broom. He sees the pump and, although we've been over this many many times and how he is forbidden to touch it... *SMACK*... down comes the pump. Ethan then picks it up, turns it upside down and out pours all the liquid gold. Sigh. I was more than bummed. Couldn't really get mad at him. He certainly seemed very sorry when he saw me practically in tears about it.

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