Saturday, January 14, 2006

Time to get back into the blogging routine after being out for so long!

Let me start back at Thursday. We went to a super cool children's museum in Everett. I would highly recommend it. We're thinking of getting a family pass as its a place I could take the kids 1-2 a month, easy. Ethan had a great time... his favorite spot was the water room where he could splash around in all the water he wanted. We went with Aunt Deanne, Ben, Aaron, Grammy, Grandpa, Mom & Jenni. Even Aaron and Jenni enjoyed themselves. Heck, I would have loved to run around and play with things too :)

Friday, we packed up very early and headed for home. I got the kids down for morning nap and cleaned like crazy. Got lots done and even made some cookies for Jason. Poor guy ran into all sorts of trouble after arriving in town. Car almost ran out of gas, bad traffic, etc so it was nearly 3 by the time he got here. The kids were thrilled to see him and he spent the next hours playing, reading and giving them lots of hugs. I made a really nummy Sausage, Kale & Lentil soup with garlicky bread. Mmmm

Today was very busy. Dad came over with all our replacement appliances. I don't know if I explained this before, but I will do so now. My Aunt Deanne's inlaws are replacing all their appliances and getting rid of many of their belongings. My Aunt Deanne took their almost new stuff and handed down her stuff to us to replace our very ancient appliances. Our appliances (except for range) will be heading to E. Washington to Josh and Amber. We ended up getting a washer, dryer, range oven and dishwasher. All were installed except for the dishwasher because the guys were too tired to do it after all the other stuff and the football game :)

My new range (this was direct from the generous inlaw people, not my Aunt Deanne's old one) is a glass top Jenn Air. It has an oven which can be normal or convection (w00t!) and I'm quite pleased. I used it tonight to make stew and as with anything there will be a learning curve, but I'm so happy that I'm rid of that junk pile of a stove.

Despite the influx of new things (which generally would fill me with much glee), I've been fighting this "downer" feeling all day. Not sure if its the hecticness (pretty sure that is not a word) of the previous week or what. It is the same old stuff... Just frustrated at how things get dirty so fast and how I just can't stay up with basic tasks. Truthfully, I know that if I dropped all my computer, knitting and little bit of game time that yes, I could get more done. But I don't want to drop that stuff. I need and like my hobbies. But I do hate seeing my dirty floors and laundry piled on the bed. Ugh.

Not being able to keep things as orderly as I like makes me feel like such a failure. I want to be that supermom who is fit and fashionable, keeps a neat house, cooks fantastic meals, is a good wife and spends lots of time with her kids, while fulfilling her own interests. Easy, right? If I can't be all that, then I need to find a way to be ok with it because its just frustrating me to no end.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Kris - The only mom that fits your description is June Weaver in "Leave It To Beaver." She also wore high heels and dress (with an apron to protect it). The only thing I see on your list that you would regret you didn't do in 20 years would be spending more time with your kids. I know. I worked full time until Greg was 2-1/2 and then, again, when Cedric died, and, oh, I missed so much! Just enjoy them all you can....