Thursday, January 19, 2006

Thank you Mom!

My Mom is the best. She came over here, and despite me reassuring her that she did not have to do anything, upon my arrival home she had cleaned my kitchen and picked up toys. She then asked me a few questions about the laundry mountain on our bed, then put it ALL away and cleared the floor in the nursery. WOW! We can actually walk on our carpet now and not trip. Its so nice.

Today I ran out to BabiesRUs and got a mattress. They still did not have any foam ones, but I found a lightweight spring one for $50. While there I picked up some adorable girl clothes that were on clearance. Couldn't resist! One is a purple ruffle velour skirt (a little too big right now) and the other is a denim ruffle skirt (fits perfectly). Also got a bright blue and orange-pink t-shirt with ruffly sleeves. Girl clothes are just to DIE for. Got Ethan a 3T denim overalls to replace the ones he's outgrown, but to my surprise the torso section fits just right, no growing room. The legs are longish though. He's all torso and not so much leg.

Yesterday for dinner I made a really delicious cream of tomato soup. It was sooooo much better than the canned stuff we usually have. Tonight, I made creamy shells with peas and prosciutto. VERY good, and very kid friendly. Even Gwennie was able to eat it, and eat it she did!

Our water heater is continuing to act up. When I ran bath for the kids tonight we weren't able to get a full bath without it turning cold. We need to get a new one ASAP.

Gwen is going through a big growth spurt verbally. She growls, whispers, babbles and laughs like crazy. She loves playing peek-a-boo with Ethan and gets such a kick out of his antics. She's starting to cruise and I could see her walking here in the near future. Ethan is also making leaps and bounds with his vocabulary. He'll just pop out with these words. When he's in the bath he'll ask for his towel or toothbrush, he'll also just name things out of the blue. Its amazing how he just says it as if its no big deal and we're sitting there with our mouths open wondering when he learned that word!

Happy Birthday to our little niece Jamie! She's 1 year old today.... It doesn't seem like she could be a year already.

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