Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Right now I'm sitting in an icy cold house, looking at the mess around me. I'm supposed to be here to clean, but I just can't motivate myself to do so. Its a great opportunity with the kids not here and such, but blah.

We had a rough night last night. Let me tell you, sharing a twin bed with a toddler and infant... Not fun. Especially when this darling little infant wants to steal binks from the toddler and turn and sit up and the toddler and Mommy are trying to sleep. I got maybe 3 hrs sleep. Ugh.

I left my Mom's early today to hit Target and some craft stores for a couple different things. Much to my irritation, I hit a major traffic pileup north of Lynnwood and it took me well over an hour just to get to where I needed to go. I still have not been able to find the ribbon I need for my knitting project. How hard is it to locate 1/2 inch black satin ribbon? Well, nearly impossible apparently. I went to three huge craft stores with no luck. A lady I spoke to at one of them told me that its a very popular size and color and they're always short. Hence, one might ask, why not order more so that you do not constantly run out. Obvious question, but no answer.

After that irritation, I headed to Target to get a crib mattress for Gwennies crib as I want to start room sharing once we return home. No luck. They had only one mattress, and it was like $200 and spring. I want a cheap mattress, no springs, and foam please. No luck. Hit two other stores with no results.

What the HECK is up with my inability to locate anything today?

Needless to say, I'm feeling cranky and depressed that I've spent my entire day running around town with nothing to show other than a CD (James Blunt) and a bionicle that Jenni asked me to buy for her. GRRRRRRR

I don't think I'm going to clean the house. Its so cold my fingers are stiff! I think I will head back to my Mom's to crash and then speed clean Friday morning before Jason gets home.

Oh, I must say that having high-speed internet is a DREAM. The dial up at my Mom's has been killing me. One cannot truly appreciate the beauty of instant and speedy access to the internet unless one has had to deal with dial-up with a 24k modem.

Will be stopping by the library to pick up books for me and Mom and also getting a chicken to roast. That sounds good. Roasting meat always puts me in a good mood.


Austin's Wonderland said...

I love James Blunt! That song Your Beautiful makes me feel beautiful

Anonymous said...

Hi Kris -
Sorry to hear about your frustrating day. Have you thought of buying foam rubber by the foot at a place like Joanne's Fabric for the mattress? It comes in different thicknesses, I think. I'm pretty sure the fabric store (whose name I'm having a senior moment on) at the intersection of Everett Mall Way and Highway 99 carries it also. The store will cut it to size for you, I'm sure. If not, an electric knife works great.