Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mr. E is sick :( Very sick.

He was getting a bit of a runny nose and cough yesterday, but this afternoon the fever really kicked in. We had been out at my Mom's picking up the dogs and he just wasn't up to speed. On our drive home he started holding his head and moaning... Just so uncomfortable!

When we got home, I tried to take his temp, but the darn thing fell apart in my hands. He felt very hot though, so I gave him some motrin and laid him down for nap. He slept like a rock. When he woke, Jason had come home with a thermometer and we took it... it was 102.5. About 30 min later we took it again and it was 103.7... and this with motrin in his system! We called our Mom's and the pediatrician and everyone agreed. Give Tylenol and get some fluids in him.

Poor little guy didn't want to eat dinner, but he did manage to get down some canned fruit. During bath he actually smiled, which was good to see. However, he hasn't made a peep since then. Just laying with his Daddy watching tv. My little sick baby :(

Anyway, besides dealing with Ethans illness and getting the dogs, we didn't do much. I got the house cleaned up a bit which felt good.


Anonymous said...

My little chibling!

*sends empathy over the miles*

Anonymous said...

And how is Ethan today? Poor little guy....