Tuesday, January 24, 2006


I'm tired. Got up about 3 times last night, then was up bright and early this morning. The co-rooming of children has been working fairly well. Certainly much better than Jason or I thought. Its nice to have our own room back.

I was able to keep up with laundry today (I even put it away, proud of me Mom?) and cleaned up the kitchen. Also went through all the kids clothes and weeded out a laundry basket full of stuff that was too small. Then I went through the next box up for Gwennies clothes and put a laundry basket full of clothes back for just her! Her closet and drawers are packed, but everything is SOOOOO cute I couldn't pass it up! She'll be dressed to the 9's every day just to get everything worn.

Angela, I'm almost done with Jamie's poncho. Its going to be adorable. Hopefully I'll be able to mail it out next week.

I got an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas and recently spent it. I chose a new pepper mill (much bigger than my tiny one), a totally awesome butter keeper and a french rolling pin. They arrived yesterday, but much to my dismay the butter keeper lid was cracked :( However, Amazon has an awesome return policy so I printed off a shipping label (Amazon foots the bill) and late last night I got an email saying a replacement had been sent. Wow, can't beat that!

I haven't walked in over a week now :( Feel dreadful about it. I've also been ravenously hungry, like, all the time. Need to get back in the groove with walking. So close to reaching my goal.

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