Monday, December 26, 2005

A couple more pics tonight... I've realized that we very much like bath pictures. We have hundreds!

We still do not feel recovered from Christmas. We all suffered through sugar withdrawal today and had bouts of crankiness. Gwen didn't nap at all, but hopefully she'll sleep through the night.

We had pulled pork sandwiches tonight with homemade bbq sauce. They were really really good.

Gwen can now officially pull herself to standing on ANYTHING! Her favorite place is on the kitchen gate... so now I have two little faces staring at me while I'm trying to cook. I just cannot wait until she's able to complain at me too ;)

I took some cute video of Gwen playing peek-a-boo tonight and Ethan running around naked :) I'm editing it as we speak (8:50 pm) so it should be up by the time most of ya'll read this. Just click on that, "Check out our videos" link up on the right.

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beth said...

wow, that picture of Gwennie is gorgeous!