Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ok, it is now the kids second nap sleeping together. The first nap was a complete disaster. After 15 min of quiet, they both started crying and Gwen ended up not sleeping at all (I eventually just got her up) and Ethan only got an hour.

They are both still awake, but fairly quiet in there. I don't care if they're awake. I just need them to be quiet.

My Mom was right in asking why I was doing this while I was still under the weather, as my patience to endure a major change is probably not very high... well, I just felt like it HAD to be done now and I'm the type that will rush things through even if its going to be harder if I feel that they have to be done immediately.

So I've been walking every day for like a week now and not ONCE have I ran into another person. Well, today I ran into 3... and two of them were mothers with babies. Of course, this is the day that I took no care of my looks. My hair is dirty and carelessly pulled back, not a spot of makeup, long sleeve tee, jeans and sneakers. I have dark circles under my eyes from lack of sleep and I'm pale as a ghost from being sick. Of course I would have to meet other mothers on this day! They were all bundled up from head to toe and I'm out there in a tshirt and jeans (for some reason I've been constantly overheated lately) and my kids are whiny with runny noses. I'm sure we looked like lovely play date companions :)

I'm thinking that tonight we'll have something with pork chops, if I can summon enough enthusiasm for cooking. The house is messy and I feel so darn behind on everything.

Great! Gwen is now fussing. I'm not sure how to handle it, because I go in there, Ethan will get all riled up. Ugh. If only we had another free bedroom we wouldn't have to go through this! Its enough for me to allow Jason to put his computer in the front room and free up his office for a bedroom.

When will I feel like things are under control again?

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