Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone!

I will keep this short as we are all pretty tired.

Ethan and Gwen received so many cool gifts. I don't even know where to start naming them... Jason got Ethan a tool workbench that is so cool... I got Ethan a tunnel/cube set that he went bonkers over. Gwennie got a ball spitting toy that is so fun that the adults played with it more than the kids... They both got adorable outfits and towel sets. Trucks, dolls, a toy chainsaw that is totally awesome... gosh, I know I'm forgetting tons of stuff! It was great.

Jason was overly generous with me! I got a Sonicare toothbrush, a high-tech kitchen scale, SimCity4, and a triple digit gift card to Old Navy. Wow! I got him the complete Calvin & Hobbes bound set, a shirt, and an Atari game stick. As you can see, he WAY outdid me :) I got two pizza stones and a Kelly Clarkson CD (yeah, thats right) from my Dad. Jason got a magnetic screwdriver set, subscription to Sports Illustrated and a book from my Mom. I know I'm missing stuff, but my brain is too tired to remember everything!

In any case, we've had a marvelous day. After everyone left here, the kids napped and when they woke we headed out to my Moms for dinner. The food was good, the company even better.

My Grandpa read one of Shelly's stories, based loosely on some of our Lake Chelan experiences. It was very good, as are all of Shelly's works. It captured that elusive and indescribable feeling that one experiences when visiting the cabin. Its hard to explain to someone who doesn't have ages of memories there, but seeing the cabin from across the lake, then walking through the property, on the beach, through the house arouses millions of different memories and stories of others memories. Its a powerful place.

I just brushed my teeth with that Sonicare and WOW. It tickled my teeth and tongue. I can't say those parts have ever been tickled, but that's the only word for what happened. It was strange! However, my teeth feel super clean. The booklet does say that one will feel tickling until you get used to it. Hope I get used to it soon as its not really a comfortable feeling!

Oh, the roast was good, but there is TONS of it left. Tons! I think we'll do pulled pork sandwiches tomorrow, then split pea soup, then maybe tacos. Will probably have to freeze a large portion of it for later because there is just so much!

Ha, so much for keeping it short. Well anyone who knows me knows that I can talk a persons ear off without even trying so going long when I said I'd be short is no surprise!

Loves to all of you.

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beth said...

I think I know what ball spitting toy you're talking about. Our ethan has the same thing and it's true, adults DO play with it more!!