Friday, May 02, 2008

Earliest blog ever?

Gwen came into our room this morning around 3:45am whining incoherently about.... something. When she's whiny and tired you can't make heads or tails of what she's talking about. She got into bed with us, told me her nose was wiggly (that means runny) and that she was hungry. 30 minutes later she's still tossing and turning and then she starts coughing and my brain starts thinking... "Hmm, that cough, sounds familiar... what does it mean again? Um.... OH CRAP". I jerked myself up and asked her if she needed to throw up, but it was too late. She puked all over the bed and herself.

There was really nothing we could do but get up at 4:30. Jason took her into the shower with him and rinsed her off, I took off all the sheets and such. She's back asleep on the couch now (lucky girl).

This was a fluke. We had no vomit yesterday so we're done with that. This was a fluke, we're not going to spend all day today being sick. Nope, no, nu uh.

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April said...

ON NO, Kristi! You guys have been so sick. I hope you get well soon!