Sunday, May 04, 2008

This has seemed like the longest weekend.

Friday was a hard day. Both the kids were sluggish, as was I. I forced myself to get stuff done for Gwen's party, but felt sicker and sicker the whole day. Eventually it ended up with me laying on the couch around 5pm, having excruciating back and stomach pain and doing almost nothing the whole night. Except for when Gwen threw up again and I had to bathe her. Ugh. I actually thought I might be in early labor Friday night because of location and type of pain, but now I think I might of had a stomach bug and that, along with the back pain from all the work I did, triggered some strong Braxton-Hicks. The back pain lasted well into Saturday and even traveled down my leg, so I did something real bad to it on Friday!

Saturday we finished getting the house ready. No one was feeling great, but we weren't feeling sick. Gwen fell asleep on the couch at around 12 and we had to drag her up when people arrived at 1 for her party. She was out of it and didn't even speak or smile until a good hour after people showed up.

Opening gifts is hard for the non-birthday sibling. Despite Gwen's bland expression, she loved all her gifts!

Apparently she didn't like our singing!

She refused to blow out the candle, so eventually Ethan did it for her.

Later she perked up and was goofing around with Grandpa. This is the dress I made her!

We all hung out visiting for awhile and it was nice, though I wish I could have seen more of my family. There are so many obligations right now for so many though. It was extremely difficult to find even one weekend when a majority of people could make it to a party.

Jason unfortunately started feeling sicker and sicker and was totally down for the count by dinner time. The kids weren't doing so good either. We nibbled on popcorn and apples for dinner, then went to bed early. Jason was sick all night, but the kids did ok. Ethan woke me up at a 5am to throw up, but seems to be fine now.

Honestly, I'm really really tired of this stuff. I feel like there is so much to do and accomplish but we can't when no one is well. Either we're actively sick, or we're recovering or coming down. This morning I did kinda get up in a bad mood because of it. Its like how many loads of laundry do I have to do? How many bodily fluids do I have to wipe up? How many bowls to wash? I'm just so over it right now.

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