Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Quick update:

I'm working to upload all the pictures of Elsa into a Picasa album so ya'll can browse through them, and even order prints if you want. She did not get a hospital photo because their little photo system crashed so we'll likely be getting a professional one taken in the next week or so.

A REALLY big thing that has happened here in the last few days is that Ethan is now 100% diaper free! He said to us 5 nights ago... "Daddy says I don't have to wear a diaper at nighttime". Well I was like, "Ok, we can try, since I'm already up 5 times a night with the baby". Guess what? He's not had a single accident! The first three nights I woke him at about 1am for a potty trip, but he told me to stop doing that because he was too tired :) So I stopped and he's been dry every night. Wow. I didn't imagine it would be this easy. I'm enormously proud!

Elsa is trying to sleep 4-5 hours a stretch during the night. This is great. However, you know how I said I wasn't dealing with engorgement and all this? I lied! I am dealing and it hurts and sleeping long stretches doesn't help! So I have to force myself awake every 3 hours or so and force poor Elsa awake to nurse... otherwise its just too painful.

Today I took the kids to pre-school/gymnastics. First time out alone with 3 kids. It went surprisingly easy, although I had to stop twice to calm Elsa. She isn't too fond of her carseat.

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Lindy said...

Woo, hoo! Go Ethan!