Thursday, May 01, 2008

Today is my Grandpa's 72nd birthday. He was so young. We sure miss him.

Yesterday was quite the day. The kids threw up all day long. They also sat on the couch all day long and did nothing but whine. Poor things. They would literally scream and beg me for water and food and I'd give in (how can a person say no to that?) and then they'd throw up. Rinse and repeat... all day!

I mostly tried to stay on top of the laundry and because I was tired and needed something positive to do, I started a new dress for Gwen. This one is SO cute! Except I got a little caught up in adding tiers and I realized at 9pm last night that the dress was long enough to cover her toes. Oops! Today I'll be ripping some seams and adjusting :) After this, there is no more tiny projects being snuck in or anything... the sewing stuff is being re-stashed and not taken out until after the baby arrives.

Today I have my 36 week appointment (all appointments weekly after this!) and Jason will be coming home early to watch the kids while I go. Afterwards I'll do some grocery shopping and start thinking about getting the house readied for Gwen's birthday party on Saturday. I had totally forgotten about it!

Ethan isn't going to school today because, according to him, "Its just too much for me today Mom". Both kids are doing better. Gwen hasn't thrown up since about 6:30 last night and Ethan since midnight (though he didn't really throw up anything, just dry heaved). Both look better, though still peaked and pale. They ate some oatmeal and toast for breakfast so we'll see how it stays down. Lord, I hope they're over this.

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