Thursday, May 08, 2008

Full-term today. YAY!

Had my 37 week appointment and got quite a mixed bag. Firstly I had another cervical exam (yes, I know its not necessary, but I'm so insanely curious about such things) and she said the inner part, near the baby, is still a stretchy 2 but the outer part, farthest from the baby, is a 3. That is progress, though I'm not sure what it all means exactly, if anything. She did say that I won't make it to my due date at the rate things are progressing. Which of course means she jinxed me and I'll go like 3 weeks late! Haha. Not funny.

I do have GBS (group b strep), which is not a huge deal, but kind of a pain. When I arrive at the hospital, I'll have to have an IV to get a dose of antibiotics. Then they'll take the IV out, which is good. I really don't want stuff taped to me and I don't want anyone hooking me up to fluids or what not.

My blood pressure was moderately high (130/80) compared to my previous readings, and because I've had a persistent and painful headache all day they wanted to draw blood just to make sure all was well. I fully expect it to be. I'm not in the slightest bit worried about the blood pressure stuff, especially from a single high reading.

Oh, I also did my first day of getting more than 4,000 steps on my pedometer. I'm feeling it, oh heavens am I feeling it, but I'm rather proud. I wasn't even trying! I'm only 600 steps away from 5,000 so I'll likely pass that milestone today too.

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