Saturday, May 17, 2008

Sheesh its hot today.

We chose to do all sorts of jobs that had been pending for a long time. Not the best day to end up doing them, but what the heck. Jason made 3 screens, plus repaired our slider screen for the back door so at least Ethan and Gwen can have their windows open now and get some air and we can leave the back door open without buggies. Yay!

I installed Ethan's ceiling fan which is really too big for the room but I'm glad we got it that way because his room is by far the hottest in the house. I weed-whacked the front and back yards, weeded a bit in the front, picked up the back yard as best I could and did various other little things around the house.

It has been really hard for me to move around today because I'm VERY swollen. It started yesterday when we were at my friend Alyssa's house, playing in the sprinkler (I have pics, but my camera is in the car so I'll get them up later). It was warm and naturally, I swelled up a bit. We got home and I rested and felt better and then we headed to Jenni's band concert. Oh dear heavens. Jenni did a GREAT job. Her band songs were my favorites! However, the place apparently was not air conditioned and the moment I stepped in there I started swelling and swelling and swelling. We left after two hours, and the program only being half way over (what the heck is with that anyway?), because I did feel like I would pass out if I had to sit there for another couple hours. And the kids were super restless. Anyway, my swelling didn't go down after that and today because of the heat its even worse. I usually have shapely ankles through my pregnancies, but today I'm ankle-less. My ring won't come off. My hands and feet feel like they might burst! Yes, whine whine whine, but it is most uncomfortable.

So I'm going to go lay down on the couch now and rest some more and imagine myself in a snowstorm or some other cold place to make me feel less hot.

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