Thursday, May 29, 2008

Today was Ethan's last day of pre-school. Everyone met at a local park and brought food and let the kids play on the playground. Then the kids performed a small recital, which I videotaped but will have to edit before uploading. After that, the kids were each given a diploma and bag of goodies from their teachers. It was really cute and the kids played so hard.

I got only a few pictures...

Ethan and his "best" friend Ryan. Ethan's typical pouty face that he gives whenever we want him to smile!

Elsa snoozing peacefully, despite it being remarkably cold and windy.

Miss Paula blowing small bubbles for the littler kids. Just prior to this, Gwen was trampled by the pre-school kids who were chasing adult sized bubbles blown by Miss Abigail.

The "graduating" class, plus Miss Abigail

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