Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Surprisingly, I'm just now starting to feel exhaustion. If my memory serves right, I recall being totally wiped the first week with previous babies, and then it slowly improving from there. This time I'm going a bit in reverse.

Due to some painful nursing issues, I'm not sleeping very well at night, though Elsa sure is. If I could bear to let her sleep, I suspect she'd go 5-6 hours at a stretch. Instead I have to coax her awake at 3-4 hour intervals (4 is really pushing it) because I MUST nurse her. Those who have breastfed know what I'm talking about. Because she doesn't want to wake up, she generally doesn't nurse well so I have to pump just a little afterwards. So the whole thing takes up bunches of time and often I'm so tired that I'll zonk out mid-diaper change or while nursing. I woke up this morning with a dirty diaper in my hand (wrapped up luckily). I'd been too tired to place it on my nightstand apparently. Hopefully, my body will adjust soon to what Elsa actually needs and not be gifting me with enough milk for 10 babies so that we can all sleep in peace.

Ethan and Gwen are really testing our limits. Jason and I need to be more on top of the ball about following through and discipline when they misbehave. Ethan particularly seems to be just bouncing off the walls. He can't stay still, is always making noise, being destructive or just ornery. Yesterday while I was upstairs getting dressed the kids opened the door to the garage, then got a stool and pushed the garage door opener and were wandering around the front yard. Hello? When did they start feeling comfortable doing this stuff? Today I was in the bathroom and when I came out they had pulled down my curtains by twisting themselves up in the drapes and bending the rod. I'm so sick of yelling and saying no and being angry with them!

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