Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wow, its been a long time since I blogged. We've been kinda busy, and I've not been feeling up to saying much.

I'm plodding along now... finishing the endurance race. Everything below the waist hurts. Every single stinking thing. It leaves me very unmotivated to do things, though I'm making an effort so that the house doesn't fall into major disarray.

I had a nice Mother's Day. The kids and J got me a planter of tulips and very sweet cards. They also got me doughnuts and coffee on Sunday morning. Yum! We went over to my Mom's and had a fun family get-together later in the day too.

Today Mom and Jenni are coming here at 8:30am to carpool with us to the Kangaroo Farm (technically called Outback Christmas Tree and Kangaroo Farm) up in Arlington. Ethan's pre-school has a field trip up there today. It should be fun and I just hope that the rain holds off. I'm taking lots of pictures too.

Last night, for the second night in a row, I did not sleep well. I've been having strange dreams about labor and while the dreams are not exactly positive, they are not negative either. They're full of imagery. Not really of me just pushing out a baby, but symbolic of that. Strange stuff. Then I wake up and I can't get to sleep and I toss and turn for hours. My body is definitely getting ready. The baby is moving much less as she runs out of room, and all the early signs of labor are there. If I can get to this weekend, it would be best for everyone... well, meaning Jas and my midwife, both of whom have major things going on this week.

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Anonymous said...

Hey hang in there Kristi. I have enjoyed your blog through out your pregnancy. I am a friend of April's. Praying for you and your family!Denise