Monday, May 05, 2008

So I'm cautiously optimistic that we might be getting a bit healthier. Yesterday everyone was sluggish and out of it for most the day (we watched two movies which is something we never ever do). When the sun broke out in the afternoon, we forced ourselves outside to absorb some sun and that seemed to help.

I got my plants started (see previous post) and a wee bit of weeding done. I also put some chicken manure around my rosemary plants to give them a boost. Yes, chicken manure. I bought it at the whim when I was at the gardening place. It lends a rather... uh, unique odor to our yard. Not offensive, but not entirely wonderful. In any case, I've read its very good for plants and I'm trying to be a good plant Mommy.

Oh, and just an FYI, dogs like to eat chicken manure which is really irritating not to mention GROSS.

This morning the kids are definitely feeling better. For the first time in almost a week they are both running around, playing games, doing their make-believe stuff. Gwen got a cute swimsuit and hula skirt for her birthday and she's wearing it now and Ethan is naked (guess he likes skinny dipping) and they are playing "beach". I brought in our little plastic pool and they put blue blankets in it for water and are floating, lounging, fishing and just having a good time. I love that they have such an active imagination and its great that they are showing some energy and life! Poor Jason is still under the weather. You could tell he was extremely reluctant to go to work today, but we have little choice... we have to conserve days off for when the baby is born.

Today I'm going to catch up on laundry again, find a hospital bag and get the stuff that I can packed up and then put the list of the rest of the stuff on top of it. I'm also going to set up the pack 'n play in our bedroom with the bassinet attachment for the baby to sleep in (use will depend on how co-sleeping goes) and also get the basket I bought for the baby to use when she's downstairs set up too. I cobbled it together and it needs some finishing work. If I'm feeling particularly good, I'll go and re-arrange the seats in the car too.

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