Thursday, May 01, 2008

So I just got back from my midwife appointment and am feeling pretty great about how it all went down.

My blood pressure was low, actually the lowest reading I've had all pregnancy. 112/70. It really surprised me as my home cuff has been returning higher numbers.

I had my GBS test done (i.e. a swab) and then asked if she could check my cervix. She did, and said I'm a stretchy 2, with a very soft cervix and the baby very deep in the pelvis. She commented that I must be having a lot of hip pain and I was like, "Heck yes woman!". I can see my Bradley coach wagging her finger and saying, "Don't let dilation numbers get your hopes up. They mean nothing". Well, very true indeed, but its good to know from a physical standpoint that all this pain I've been in is contributing to making my labor a speedy one. Woo!

The midwife I saw today, Rebecca, is the other midwife that I wanted to deliver our baby. They had put a note in my file and she was absolutely thrilled that I wanted her there and said she would have the hospital page her when I arrived. This made me feel great, because I wasn't too hip on having a stranger coming in to deliver with us. Having her there will put my mind at ease a bit.

Then I gave her the birth plan which I was hesitant to do. We are declining a lot of things (hospital PKU, eye goo, Hep. B, fetal monitoring, IV, etc). You're never sure about how all that will go. She nodded her head through the whole thing and said, "Good! Good for you. You've made some wonderful and informed decisions and presented them clearly. Excellent. This is what a birth plan should look like". I was so relieved! I must give thanks to my two online friends that I stole it from though. We basically lifted the entire thing, changed names and made minor tweaks.

Anyway, I left just feeling very good about the whole thing.

Oh, I did finish Gwen's new dress this morning and I think its possibly the cutest thing I've ever made. Its still not perfect, but its very close to perfect, and I took a lot of time with finishing seams, top stitching and all that. I'm going to hold off on a picture though until her party on Saturday. That will be her debut day ;)

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