Monday, May 05, 2008

Here's a picture of my square foot garden, modified to work with the only sunny place on my property! We have a very shady yard and the best place for sun is on the front porch. So I got two square foot boxes and that's where we'll grow our tomatoes and snap peas. I considered letting them vine up on the railing, but went with a trellis instead. We'll see how that works out. In that big blue pot, I have mint from last year. Shoot, that stuff is HARDY. It grew all winter with zero tending, and now that we've had flashes of sun and warmer temps (for those not in the Pacific Northwest, that means anything above 50 degrees), its been growing like crazy. I'll pick a handful one day and the next day you can't tell I picked any at all. Good thing its contained to a planter because I hear it can take over a garden in no time.

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