Thursday, May 22, 2008

I know many of you are wanting more pictures and details. We'll get there :) Frankly, neither J or I have been motivated to do much of anything other than just deal with things as they're coming up and keep a semblance of peace.

Elsa had her first pediatrician check yesterday and is doing very well. She lost about 8 oz from her birth weight, which the ped thought was quite good. Elsa checked out perfectly from head to toe, not a hint of jaundice or anything else concerning.

I *think* my milk has come in, though its hard to tell. Since I just stopped nursing Gwen in January I figured I might be able to avoid the engorgement phase and it appears I have! Other than a little soreness, I've had no pain and Ellie is nursing extremely well.

She is also sleeping pretty good during the night and seems to sleep the most deeply between 4-7am, giving us a good long stretch. Ethan and Gwen seem to be sleeping in a bit later too, which is working out well for all concerned.

Ethan and Gwen are a little... well, I guess thrown off. Ethan's been more belligerent and mouthy, Gwen more needy and emotional. They both really enjoy playing with the baby and taking care of her. Ethan thinks that I should have another baby and it should be a boy. I cannot even acknowledge such a statement at this time.

I'm working on putting together the story of the labor and delivery. I'm already forgetting much of it, and especially the time frames. Seriously, from the time I was admitted until we left, I'm not sure I had any good hold on what day or time it was.

All for now... we have some visitors coming by here any minute.

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