Thursday, May 15, 2008

Today I had my 38 week appointment and all is well. I gained 4 lbs in one week though. That's the most I've gained between appointments... even when I was just going monthly! I saw a midwife that I hadn't met with before and I hope I don't have to see her again! She was trying to give me a reality check (I think?) about labor and delivery and instead she just irritated the heck out of me. Then she went into a whole, "Its so empowering" type thing which really really irritated me because, well, I don't know, it just did. If I wanted a full discourse on the subject I would have asked! She didn't offer me a cervical exam and I wasn't about to ask so my curiosity was not satisfied, although I know that progress is being made.

On Tuesday we went to the Kangaroo Farm in Arlington with Ethan's pre-school and had an interesting time. It would have been a downright fun time had it not poured the entire trip, which really made things hard and icky. Ethan got off to a bad start because he didn't win a little contest at the beginning to feed the lemurs (for the record, he didn't even participate, but whatever) and so he pouted and whined most of the way through the park.

Check out the lip! I was trying to be the "Oh, isn't my son just dah-ling when he's all pouty" instead of showing how I really felt which was pretty darn frustrated at him getting all moody after being there 10 minutes!

Gwen posing

One of the kangaroos, Jack. I believe he's their oldest kangaroo (around 7 years?) and still has about another foot to grow. That's a wallaby in the back, huddling under a heat lamp.

The owner (a very eccentric fellow) warming Jack up. We were the first people there and with the weather being chilly, the animals weren't too hip on being active.

A cavie (?)... they were really cute actually. The third largest rodents in the world.

There were a great many wallabies around... some behind fences, some not. This one was behind a fence because she has a joey. After some prompting, the little guy stuck his head out. So cute!

At the end of the tour, you can come into the cabin and hold a joey. Since they breed wallabies for pets at this farm, all the joeys are brought into the house at some point and tamed and such. They are soooo cute and soft!

Ethan was improving in mood at this point...

Gwen was declining...

This would be a cute pic, if Gwen didn't look so miserable!

We also saw a pair of emus, an ostrich, an alpaca and some llamas, turkeys, peacocks, and the typical farm animals as well.

All and all, this is a place I think I'll want to visit again, but only on a sunny warm day! I was really impressed by the care and love that the owners have for the animals and the tameness of the animals. You could walk up to any of them and they would eagerly and gently eat from your hand and were not afraid or beaten down looking, like many "petting zoo" animals seem to be.

On a totally unrelated note, does anyone know what is wrong with my sugar snap pea starts? The leaves have started to yellow and they are looking sickly! At first I thought it was that they were over-watered, as we've had a lot of rain since I put them in, but I moved the boxes a few days ago to a covered area and they haven't perked up in the slightest. I don't want to lose them!

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Anonymous said...

Hey Kristi,
I'm not an expert in Hortoculture, but I believe light/pale green leaves in plants indicates a nitrogen deficiency. The link below will give you background and hints to combat these symptoms. You could also get some sort of fertilizer (if you're not going organic), just make sure the first number in the N-P-K value is high (NPK=Nitrogen, Phosphorous, and Potassium) such as 16-4-4.
Nitrogen Deficiency

Take Care,
Tim N